Introducing The U-Bike

The Super - Versatile Bike Mount.

If you loved the U-Run, you can’t do without the other half of the apple. Just clip the U-Run on the U-Bike and enjoy the convenience of always having your smartphone at your fingertips. And much more.

The Handlebar Mount

The U-Bike fits the majority of handlebars (22,2mm 25,4mm 31,8mm) and it is designed to give you maximum flexibility. Assemble it to fit your needs: you caneasily mount the Runtimate docking system, a Go-pro or a safety light on it.

Give new life to your workout routine with the Ultimate products.

Clip your U-Run to the bike through the docking system: cool and super-easy to use

We tested it HARDCORE.

U-Bike is the most complete and versatile bike mount ever. Mount either the U-Run or a light and an action camera.

Go-pro mount & light

Capture and relive every second of your awesome ride by mounting your favorite action camera on the top or the bottom of the handlebar mount through our tripod adaptor.

Light up your night!

Different needs. One solution.

Get the U-Run/U-Bike for a total price of $23,99 (70% Discount on MSRP) when we launch.

Only 150 Available!

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